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Chairman's Message

We have had Silver Jubilee Celebrations for Vaagdevi Group of Institutions. On this occasion, we would like to introspect on the education system and the values it is imparting to the younger generations and the role Vaagdevi is playing. In earlier days, students used to be comparatively disciplined and respect their teachers and in turn the teachers impart knowledge as well as values of integrity, honesty, courage to stand up for the truth, etc. However, these values are getting eroded and leaving the students directionless and confused where to go and on the other hand the teachers are struggling to cope up with the pace of technological changes happening in market and society. Under these circumstances, Vaagdevi is launching itself to set the direction for its students in goal setting, tracking as well as self-management and Learning so as to face the stiff challenges ahead of their career and life. The teachers can only keep abreast of the new technologies through continuous research and development activities. Vaagdevi is encouraging each one of its faculties with necessary incentives.Iam happy that most of our students who passed out from this institute have been very well placed both in India and Abroad in various organizations of their choice and some of them have started their own ventures. We are happy that most of our students have spread globally and many have excelled as academicians, administrators, executives, professionals, yet our efforts will go on and on for ever in ensuring them a bright and wonderful career.