The Vaagdevi campus spreads in a beautiful and serene atmosphere ideally suited for technical education. The infrastructure and facility available on campus are the very best. It is a wholly self-contained campus comprising of everything that students on campus would ever require.


  1. Faradic And Galvanic Muscle Stimulators
  2. Nerve Conduction Velocity Study
  3. Electromyograph
  4. Interferential Therapy
  5. TENS
  6. Combination Therapy
  7. LASER
  8. Ultra Violet Radiations
  9. Infra Red Radiation
  10. Short Wave Diathermy
  11. Hydro Collator Packs
  12. Traction Units

The practical concepts of Biomechanics & Exercise therapy subjects are dealt in this department. Biomechanics involves the study of basic concepts of human movement, and application of various biomechanical principles in the evaluation and treatment of disorders of musculoskeletal system.

Students are taught to understand the various quantitative methods of movement by practical's. Mechanical principles of various treatment methods are studied. In this department, the students will learn the principles and effects of exercise as a therapeutic modality and will learn the techniques in the restoration of physical functions.

Digital Library

Vaagdevi campus is a Wi-Fi zone connected with a BSNL Broadband Network with 8 mbps speed internet connectivity. The college has a state of the art Digital Library with has a state of the art of Digital Library with 50 dedicated systems and also subscribed to many National and International Journals.



The hostels provide a decent & hygienic salubrious ambience and a feel-good climate and are equipped with all amenities for living, dining and recreation that makes each inmate feel at home. They provide a right atmosphere for intellectual stimulation and balanced growth. There are 3 boy's hostel and 4 girl's hostels providing accommodation to over 3000 students with in the campus.

Rules & Regulations :

Behaviour And Discipline

Residents are expected to exhibit acceptable form of behaviour, maintain discipline and decorum in the hostel complex.

Smoking is not allowed in the hostel complex at anytime.

Possession, distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages, prohibited drugs, chewable tobacco in the hostel complex is not allowed.

Parties, social or political gatherings in the hostel complex are not permitted without the prior and written consent of the accommodation officer.

A hostel campus should be a place where students can have the best possible conditions for studying and adequate rest. As such due consideration must be accorded to other residents at all times. Noise level must be kept low to allow other’s the opportunity to study or sleep in comfort.

Television, Radio etc provided in the common room must be switched off or volume toned down after 10:00 pm.

In case of any unacceptable behaviour by the room-mate, the other room-mate must report to authorities

Upkeep Of The Hostel :

Residents are responsible for keeping their rooms and the common areas in the hostel such as visitor’s area, bathrooms, stair case, and common room etc clean and tidy at all times.

All fans, lights and electrical appliances must be switched off when not in use.

Cooking, making tea etc is not allowed in the hostel.

Common hostel furniture must not be moved without the permission of the warden.

Any damage to the hostel property must be reported immediately to the warden.

Residents will be charged for all damages except damages caused by normal wear and tear.

Pasting of posters, writings, wall chalking, slogans of any kind or defacing the hostel in any form is not allowed.

The hostel management reserves the right to make spot checks on the hostel and rooms without having to give prior notice to the students.

The hostel management reserves the right to move Residents to other hostel blocks if there is a necessity.


The classrooms at Vaagdevi are designed in a way that they provide a conducive environment which is needed for adequate learning. We, at Vaagdevi, pro-actively use tools for technology enhanced learning and owing to this, all the classrooms at Vaagdevi are equipped with all the modern teaching aids needed to support this. Classrooms equipped with computers, OHP’s, Wireless Presenters and other audio-visual tools ensure that learning is as interactive as possible. The classrooms are Wi-Fi enabled.

The faculty is accommodated in separate cubicles with required facilities and provision for using laptops. This enables faculty required privacy for preparation and research work. Apart from cubicles, a discussion room is provided in Faculty Halls to enable academic discussions among faculty.

Sports Complex/Gymnasia

Sports :

To endorse excellence in sports and provide organized recreation and activity, an outdoor & indoor sports centre has been constructed and equipped with Volley ball, cricket ground, badminton courts, basketball court, table tennis, and carom board with indoor lighting facility.

Gymnasia :

A healthy body houses a healthy mind. To sustain and set up a healthy fitness regime BODY LYRICS, a multipurpose fitness center has been established in the indoor stadium. The sophisticated fitness equipment enables students to work out and maintain a good physique resulting in a healthy mind.